Buddha Palm

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Jian Bei (Ares Wu) is an unassuming debt collector. He lives in modest surroundings and must care for his sister, who is dangerously ill. If he cannot find enough money to pay for an expensive surgical procedure, she could die. In his desperation, he decides to volunteer for an extremely unconventional experiment, whose masterminds offer him a large amount of money. Realizing that this is possibly the only chance he has to save his sister’s life, he agrees… During the course of the experiment, he endures great pain, but is also “given” an ability named Buddha Palm, a type of superhuman strength. But this triggers a series of events whereby he meets a mysterious masked man named Han Gong Bo (Collin Chou). The man tells Jian Bei that he can cure his sister’s maladies if he completes three tasks – each of which will provide him with a secret ingredient. Combined, they have amazing restorative powers. Jian Bei agrees, but soon finds himself confronted with formidable foes. Can he overcome them – and save his sister’s life? “Buddha Palm” is a 2020 Chinese movie that was directed by Huang Yi.