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The year is 1971 and in South Korea, a young woman named Soon Yi (Soo Ae) has been obliged to enter into an arranged marriage with Sang Gil (Uhm Tae Woong). Sang Gil is distant and doesn’t really love Soon Yi – he instead seems to still hold a candle for his first love. But when South Korea joins the Vietnam War on the side of the United States, about 320,000 South Korean men are dispatched to fight. Their number includes Sang Gil, who leaves suddenly. Soon Yi is distraught. She resolves to follow Sang Gil to Vietnam, despite having no idea where he may be. She also learns that the only female civilians allowed to travel to Vietnam are singers/performers who put on morale-boosting shows to lift the spirits of the troops. She is soon recruited by a chancer, band leader, and con artist named Jung Man (Jung Jin Young), who hopes to exploit her beauty and vocal talents to his own ends. She agrees to join his band – and proves to be a hit among the soldiers. But when Soon Yi – or Sunny as she is now known – starts to win the hearts of senior officers, she starts to gain real hope that she may once again be reunited with her husband... “Sunny” is a 2008 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Jun Ik.