The Huntresses

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When she was just a young girl, Jin Ok (Ha Ji Won) watched helplessly as her father was brutally killed. Her own life was also in danger and she only escaped a bloody death thanks to the man who later goes on to become her mentor, Moo Myung (Go Chang Suk). He then helped her train in martial arts and espionage alongside Hong Dan (Kang Ye Won) and the ace fighter Ga Bi (Ga In). The trio has become the female Korean answer to the Three Musketeers – elite martial artists who are peerless in their field. But one day, Jin Ok is approached to help find a mysterious device that envoys were supposed to deliver to the King. The envoys have been killed by assassins and that device’s whereabouts are now unknown. Jin Ok and her sisters in arms agree to take on the mission. But as they begin on their quest, they realize that they may be in over their heads – and that the shady individual responsible for her father’s death is now hoping to ensnare her in his trap! “The Huntresses” is a 2014 South Korean movie that was directed by Park Je Hyun.