The Mermaid



As a marine biologist, Yang Fan (Alex Chen) has dedicated his life to exploring the sea and all the wonders it has to offer. Fascinated by the sea, Yang Fan spends most of his time researching the ocean’s many ecosystems. While on one of his many research expeditions, Yang Fan happens upon something so fantastical that at first, he can’t believe it’s real. Convinced he’s just crossed paths with a mermaid, Yang Fan tries to follow the creature but his chase ends in utter disaster. Falling into the sea, Yang Fan’s life might have ended then and there, if not for Xiao Yu (Lin Yan Rou), a mermaid disguised as a human. Saving Yang Fan’s life, the scientist is eternally grateful and it doesn’t take long for those warm feelings of gratitude to develop into something deeper. But Xiao Yu isn’t about to fall for a human, especially not when they’re the ones responsible for the constant threat against her homeland and her people. Despite Xiao Yu’s initial rejections, Yang Fan doesn’t give up. Determined to win her heart, Yang Fan does all he can to prove the sincerity of his feelings. But even if he manages to succeed, can love blossom between the two when one lives on land and the other lives in the sea? A fin-tastic love story, “The Mermaid” is a 2021 Chinese fantasy romance film directed by Zhang Da Wei.