A Tale of Legendary Libido

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Selling rice cakes in a remote mountain village, Byeon Gang Soe (Bong Tae Gyu) does his best to eke out a meager living. But his timid nature, paired with a weak libido and a notoriously small bit of manhood has made life for Gang Seo incredibly difficult; especially when every woman in the village feels the constant need to compare him to his incredibly manly older brother, Kang Mok (Oh Dal Soo). Suffering from an intense inferiority complex, Gang Soe would give anything for a chance to change his fate. Luckily for him, that chance comes most unexpectedly. Happening upon a monk lost in the woods, Gang Soe helps the old man find his way. To show his thanks, the monk tells Gang Soe of an ancient wine bottle buried in the forest which has the power to change his fate. Wasting no time, Gang Soe finds the bottle and drinks the contents, the effects of which are both immediate and impressive. Now extraordinarily well-endowed, Gang Soe returns to the village brimming with confidence and an insatiable libido. With all the women of the village now drawn to him and all the men of the village called to war, will Gang Soe finally have the chance to turn all his wildest fantasies into reality? “A Tale of Legendary Libido” is a 2008 South Korean historical fantasy comedy film directed by Shin Han Sol.