A Fairy Tale 2



Qin Yang Ming (Peng Yu Si) is the leader of a mortal kingdom that finds itself in mortal peril. Evil deities and fearsome monsters threaten to destroy the peace of the realm. The spiritual world is threatening to break loose into the realm of the mortals – and lay waste to the kingdom once and for all, after thousands of years of bitter conflict. But Qin Yang Ming is unaware that 800 years later, he will be reborn as Ning Cai Chen, a timid scholar who resisted the advances of a female spirit named Nie Xiao Qian (Nan Sheng). Ning Cai Chen later found love with Nie Xiao Qian. But as Qin Yang Ming, he has no knowledge of who Nie Xiao Qian is. Regardless, seeing that the previous incarnation of her true love is in peril, love drives Nie Xiao Qian to travel back in time to try to help him. But when she meets the past version of the man she loves, will she feel the same way? Can he fall for her in this lifetime, too? And can they hope to keep the forces of evil away together? This movie was based on characters from a short story in a 17th Century Chinese compilation named “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio” by Pu Song Ling. “A Fairy Tale 2” is a 2021 Chinese movie that was directed by Cong Wang.