The Demon Suppressors: West Barbarian Beast

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For forty years, the people of the Zhao Dynasty have known peace. But that peace is threatened when ominous whispers from the West, of the appearance of a barbarian Beast Lord, begin to spread across the land. Knowing the Beast Lord is destined to unleash chaos on the world, a brave team of Demon Suppressors is called into action.  Born into the most powerful military family in the Zhao Dynasty, Hua Wu Chang (He Lan Dou) has long wished to join the mighty Demon Suppressors. Having spent her entire life looking up to her elder siblings, Wu Chang sees this new threat as the perfect opportunity to prove her worth as a Demon Suppressor. Volunteering to join the Western Expedition Team, Wu Chang is joined by Xiao Zhen (Wang Luo Jia) an orphan recently assigned to the team by the Demon Suppression Division’s newly appointed commanding officer. Setting off for the West, Wu Chang, Xiao Zhen, and the rest of the Suppression Team know that failure in this mission is not an option. Facing off against the mighty Barbarian King, will this intrepid team be able to stop this monster before it’s too late? The third installment of The Demon Suppressors series, “The Demon Suppressors: West Barbarian Beast” is a 2021 Chinese fantasy martial arts film directed by Huo Sui Qiang.