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Once a talented basketball player, Kim Jae Hyun (Yoo Yeon Seok) might no longer play but that doesn’t mean he’s walked away from sports altogether. Now a sports manager, Jae Hyun has but one wish, to send the promising player, Kang Jin Chul (Park Min Woo), to America. Determined to make this one wish come true, Jae Hyun must travel to Busan to meet with Jin Chul. Little does he know, this trip has the potential to change his life in more ways than one. Also on her way to Busan to meet with Jin Chul is Bae Soo Jung (Moon Chae Won). Hoping to sign an advertising contract with the talented athlete, Soo Jung is anxious to meet with him, unfortunately, her trip goes awry almost immediately. Forced to sit next to Jae Hyun on the KTX train to Busan, Soo Jung is horrified by his blatant playboy behavior. Feeling as if the train ride can’t end fast enough, Soo Jung tries her best to brush Jae Hyun off but no matter how hard she tries, he just keeps coming back. With their trip full of setbacks Soo Jung and Jae Hyun slowly make their way to Busan. Despite their rocky beginning, Soo Jung finds herself being forced to admit that Jae Hyun isn’t as bad as he initially seemed. But is this charming rogue tempting enough to draw her away from a steady, decade-long relationship? Highly entertaining, “Mood of the Day” is a 2016 South Korean romantic comedy film directed by Jo Kyu Jang.