Lady Daddy

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Ji Hyun (Lee Na Young) is a successful photographer. Her professional career and love life are everything she could ever dream of: Her photos are a hit and her work brings her in a good income. She also has an adoring boyfriend named Jun Seok (Kim Ji Suk), who is totally besotted with her. But she has a secret almost nobody knows about: She was once a man. Many years ago, she underwent successful sex reassignment surgery, and has lived her life as a woman ever since. But one day, her past threatens to catch up with her: A young boy comes to her door while she is having dinner with Jun Seok...claiming that he is looking for his father. It transpires that this young boy is the son she fathered while still a man, and while married to a woman. In order to keep the child happy and keep her secret safe, Ji Hyun decides to dress up as a man for a week and take him in. But she finds that life as a father isn’t as straightforward as she first thought. Playing soccer and acting “manly” doesn’t come easy for Ji Hyun and the young boy isn’t so sure that his “dad” really is a male after all. Will Ji Hyun be able to keep up the ruse – or will her secret be exposed? “Lady Daddy” is a 2010 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Gwang Jae.