The Legend of Mermaid 2

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Many years ago, the mermaid Xi Yin (Vera Qiu) met and saved the valiant and righteous imperial guard Yan Lie (Liang Ting Wei). The duo slowly fell in love, but their story ended in sadness when she vanished beneath the waters – presumably in possession of a priceless and magical treasure. Now, the imperial concubine Shen Mei (Sun Zi Jun) wants to get her hands on the treasure – at all costs. Shen Mei devises a plot that involves taking Yan Lie back to the enchanted island where he once spent time with Xi Yun. Believing him to be the key to capturing the treasure, she plans to capture the treasure, even if it means spilling blood. But when Yan Lie is finally reunited with Xi Yin, it seems she has no recollection of him. It is as if they had never met. A fierce battle breaks out as Shen Mei tries to get what she came for. Will she succeed – or will the former lovers reunite to save the world from catastrophe once more? “Legend of the Mermaid 2” is a 2021 Chinese movie that was directed by Cui Yan Long.