The Beast and the Beauty

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With a scarred face and an exceptionally low self-esteem, Ku Dong Gun (Ryoo Seung Bum) never thought he’d find a woman who would be willing to love him as he was. Believing himself to be too ugly to love, Dong Gun was convinced he would spend the entirety of his life alone. But when fate brings the beautiful Jang Hae Joo (Shin Min Ah) into his life, everything changes. Having lost her eyesight in an accident, Hae Joo has spent years waiting for a compatible donor but as of yet, has had no luck. The only luck that has ever come her way is the fateful encounter that brought Dong Gun into her life. Having fallen in love almost immediately, Dong Gun and Hae Joo have spent the past three years in a committed relationship but when news that a donor for Hae Joo has been found, Dong Gun begins to second guess everything.  Afraid Hae Joo will no longer love him, once she sees him with her own eyes, Dong Gun decides it’s best he disappears from her life. Will his fear of the truth really lead him to walk away from the woman he loves, forever? A modern take on a classic tale, “The Beast and the Beauty” is a 2005 South Korean romantic comedy film directed by Lee Kye Byuk.