The Ghost Blows The Lamp of the Longling Temple

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Hu Ba Yi (Lin Shen) is a treasure hunter from a long line of tomb raiders. While traveling with two fellow treasure hunters to the mountains of Gulan County, his gang encounters Shirley Yang (Kang Ning), another tomb raider. Hu Ba Yi recalls his grandfather telling him about Shirley Yang’s own grandfather. He is also intrigued by Shirley Yang’s explanation of how her grandfather once discovered the tomb of an Ancient Chinese princess in the mountains. Shirley Yang says she is headed to the tomb in an attempt to unearth the treasures buried therein. Hu Ba Yi and his friends decide to come with her. But the trail is treacherous: Upon exploring a ghostly grave site, the explorers are confronted with a deadly giant spider. They manage to escape, but find they have been infected with some sort of curse. Shirley Yang’s grandfather made note of this curse in his diary – and also explained that there is only one way to lift it. This involves a journey to a haunted temple, which is supposedly guarded by the malicious Black Jade Demon King. Can the gang lift the curse in time? And will they find the treasure they have been searching for? “The Ghost Blows The Lamp of the Longling Temple” is a 2020 Chinese movie that was directed by Pu Chengshu.