Having risen to the pinnacle of stardom, Go Ju Yeon (Kim Hye Soo) is a woman who not only knows what she wants but is also a woman who gets what she wants. From money and fame to gorgeous young boyfriends, Ju Yeon has it all. Or at least she always thought she did. But recently, she isn’t quite so sure… Now a forty-something actress with a career in decline, Ju Yeon is starting to wonder if her glamorous life isn’t missing something important. Feeling like it might be time to settle down, Ju Yeon hopes to do so with her current secret beau. Unfortunately, being twelve years her junior, this boyfriend isn’t interested in anything but using her to advance his career. Realizing the only one who might stay in her life for good is a child of her own, Ju Yeon hopes to have a baby of her own. But a trip to the doctor quickly crushes those dreams as she learns she’s already reached menopause. Refusing to give up on her dreams of motherhood, Ju Yeon comes across a young woman by the name of Dan Ji (Kim Hyun Soo), who might be able to help solve all of her problems. A pregnant teen in desperate need of help, Dan Ji is eager to go along with Ju Yeon’s unusual proposal but as time passes, things for both the star and the girl begin to get dicey. Will this superstar’s hair-brained scheme bring anyone the happiness they so desperately hope to find? Full of bizarre plans and crazy antics, “Familyhood” is a 2016 South Korean comedy-drama film directed by Kim Tae Gon.