We Are Brothers

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When they were just young boys, brothers Park Ha Yeon (Kim Sung Kyun) and Park Sang Yeon (Jo Jin Woong) were forced to separate at an orphanage: Their father had died and their distraught mother Seung Ja (Kim Young Ae) decided to put them up for adoption, realizing that she could not hope to raise them alone. Now, 30 years later, Sang Yeon lives in America, where he is a devout and austere Christian priest. Ha Yeon, meanwhile, still lives in South Korea. He is a fiery shaman who prays to spirits and animist deities. When a television show production team hears about what has happened to them, the team asks Sang Yeon to come to South Korea to be reunited with his long-lost brother and biological mother. Sang Yeon travels to South Korea, but moments after their emotional reunion, Seung Ja, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, wanders out of the television studio and vanishes. The brothers are forced to take to the road to search the entire country for their mother. Can this hot-tempered shaman and the rigidly straight-laced pastor put aside their religious differences for the time it takes them to track down their mother? “We are Brothers” is a 2014 South Korean movie that was directed by Jang Jin.