The Client



Planning to surprise his wife on their wedding anniversary, Han Chul Min (Jang Hyuk), comes home with a bouquet; unfortunately, those flowers are never delivered. Seeing a large crowd gathered around the entrance to his apartment, Chul Min steps into his home to find it crawling with police officers. Arrested almost immediately for the murder of his wife, Chul Min’s life changes in an instant. Taking charge of the case, Prosecutor Ahn Min Ho (Park Hee Soon) does not doubt that Chul Min is responsible for the death of his wife, as he was once arrested as the prime suspect in a serial murder case. Though he was never convicted for any of those murders, Min Ho knows Chul Min is the killer, but investigator Jang Ho Won (Sung Dong Il) isn’t so sure. Bringing the case before defense attorney Kang Sung Hee (Ha Jung Woo), Ho Won informs Sung Hee that the alleged victim’s body was never found and reminds him that as of yet, the police have failed to find any direct evidence connecting Chul Min to the murder. Convinced of Chul Min’s innocence, Sung Hee takes the case and immediately asks the court for a jury trial. Claiming Chul Min was arrested on circumstantial evidence alone, the opposing attorneys prepare to make their case in court.  As attorneys, Ahn and Kang go head-to-head in a legal battle that intensifies dramatically as the complexity of the case increases, Chul Min has no choice but to leave his fate in his attorney’s hands. Will justice prevail, or will a cold-blooded killer be allowed to go free?  Utterly riveting, “The Client” is a 2011 South Korean courtroom thriller film directed by Sohn Young Sung.