Moby Dick



It is the winter of 1994 in South Korea and the country is shaken by an explosion on a busy river bridge named Balam Bridge, just outside Seoul. The media reports that the explosion was carried out by terrorists. But some investigators are not so sure. One journalist named Lee Bang Woo (Hwang Jung Min) starts to try to get to the bottom of this incident, unsure that is as it seems. Things get more mysterious when a friend from the past named Yoon Hyuk (Jin Goo) surfaces with some information. Yoon Hyuk gives Lee Bang Woo a cache of what he says are secret documents and states that terrorists were not behind the explosion after all. Instead, he claims, the explosion was masterminded by government agents. With the help of two fellow journalists – Sung Hyo Kwan (Kim Min Hee) and Son Jin Ki (Kim Sang Ho) – he begins to dig deeper. What the group discovers is shocking: A secret group that appears to have power over all governmental affairs. But just how deep does this dastardly conspiracy go? “Moby Dick” is a 2011 South Korean movie that was co-written and directed by Park In Je.