Secret Reunion



Lee Han Gyu (Song Kang Ho) is a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. He is charged with heading a team with an important mission: It must protect a North Korean dissident – the cousin of Pyongyang’s leader. But the mission is a total failure: Instead of sharing important intelligence with his commanding officers, Lee Han Gyu’s team goes it alone. Meanwhile, Ji Won (Kang Dong Won), a member of a secret unit of North Korean spies living in South Korea also runs into problems when one of his fellow spies defects to the South mid-mission. The target is assassinated, but both Lee Han Gyu and Ji Won are hung out to dry: The North thinks Ji Won betrayed his country, while the NIS thinks Lee Han Gyu is a liability. But six years later, the two men’s paths cross once again, with Lee Han Gyu now working as a private detective. The latter offers Ji Won the chance to live with him and join forces in a business arrangement. But will this uneasy partnership pay dividends for either man? And can they really trust one another? “Secret Reunion” is a 2010 South Korean movie that was directed by Jang Hoon.