Love On-air

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Shin Jin Ah (Lee Min Jung) was once a national South Korean sweetheart: She was the lead singer of the wildly popular “first-generation” K-pop group Purple. But her career has now slumped to a new low: She is the DJ of a radio show whose ratings have plummeted. The show is stale, devoid of ideas, and boring. When the show’s producer goes on maternity leave, the radio station manager tells an ambitious producer named Lee Jae Hyuk (Lee Jung Jin) to take over. But the manager knows that the show is underperforming – and orders the new producer to freshen things up. Things get off to a bad start for both parties. Lee Jae Hyuk comes across as cold and unpleasant to Shin Jin Ah. And he finds her to be a charmless diva. In desperation to drag the listening figures up, Lee Jae Hyuk challenges all the show’s staff – including Shin Jin Ah – to come up with a new segment idea that can freshen the show up. Surprisingly, Shin Jin Ah devises a segment that involves members of the public coming to the studio to dedicate and sing a song for the people they love. The segment starts to gain popularity – as does the show. But a new threat is on the way as a disgruntled former member of Purple attempts to derail the show’s revival! “Love On-air” is a 2012 South Korean movie that was directed by Kwon Chil In.