Man on the Edge

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As the right-hand man of one of the country’s most powerful crime lords, Kwang Ho (Park Shin Yang) is used to living with a target on his back. Trusted by his boss and loved by his men, Kwang Ho knows that many would love to take his place, including the overly ambitious Tae Joo (Kim Jung Tae). Knowing it’s only a matter of time before Tae Joo makes his movie, Kwang Ho is ready when the moment finally arrives. Being prepared saved his life, but it didn’t keep Kwang Ho from escaping the fight unscathed.  After stopping Tae Joo’s knife with his bare hands, Kwang Ho’s life begins to take a strange turn. With voices calling to him from the great beyond, and objects inexplicably moving around him, Kwang Ho isn’t sure what’s going on. The only thing he does know is that it needs to stop. Now. Indirectly chased by a seemingly possessed newspaper into the parlor of a fortune-teller named Myung (Uhm Ji Won), Kwang Ho demands answers. Informing him that the incident with Tae Joo’s knife inadvertently altered his palm’s fate line, Myung goes on to explain that Kwang Ho is now possessed by a spirit and destined to become a shaman.  Unable to escape his new destiny, yet unwilling to give up his old life, Kwang Ho begins to live a double life. Spending his days as a shaman and his nights as a criminal, Kwang Ho tries to keep his two lives secret and separate but when Tae Joo and his men begin sniffing around, it doesn’t take long for them to uncover his secret. With the truth uncovered, will Kwang Ho be able to thwart Tae Joo’s plan to destroy him? Nominated for several awards, “Man on the Edge” is a 2013 South Korean supernatural comedy film directed by Jo Jin Kyu.