The Golden Holiday

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To celebrate his 10th anniversary, countryside detective Hong Byeong Soo (Kwak Do Won) decides to take his family on a very special trip. Booking a holiday in the Philippines, Byeong Soo’s family is excited to be making their first trip abroad. Little do they know that Byeong Soo plans to use his time in Manila to track down his old friend, Kim Yong Bae (Kim Sang Ho). Having once scammed Byeong Soo out of a sizable sum, Yong Bae fled the country soon after. Unfortunately, his life abroad didn’t exactly provide him with the safety he imagined it would. Imprisoned in Manila, Yong Bae is shocked to find Byeong Soo there for a visit. Falsely accused of murder, Byeong Soo had been attempting to prove his innocence with the help of Hwang Man Cheol (Kim Dae Myung), a local tour guide. Unfortunately, their investigation hasn’t been going as well as they had hoped. While visiting Yong Bae, his imprisoned friend tells him of a mysterious case known locally as “Yamashita’s Gold”. Unable to resist the temptation, Yong Bae wants to go after the gold, offering Byeong Soo a share, should he agree to help him. Already wanted for murder, will Byeong Soo reject his friend’s offer or will the promise of so much gold prove to be an offer he simply can’t refuse? “The Golden Holiday” is a 2020 South Korean action comedy film directed by Kim Bong Han.