My 11th Mother

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Jae Soo (Kim Young Chan) is an 11-year-old boy whose father (Ryu Seung Ryong) is a violent, abusive, womanizing alcoholic. As his father is also unemployed, Jae Soo is responsible for managing both of their finances, including the use of precious government-issued food stamps. He even has to work in a number of minor jobs in order to make ends meet. Periodically, his father brings home women, whom Jae Soo invariably addresses as “mom.” One day, his father brings home the 11th such woman (Kim Hye Soo). With her wig and thick make-up on, she looks glamorous. But when she takes it all off, she looks much more mundane. Jae Soo expects this new “mom” to leave soon – as have all of her predecessors. He quickly reaches the end of his tether with her, too. She seems to eat everything she can get her hands on and sleeps all day. But when she witnesses her father drunkenly beating the young boy one day, she steps in. He retaliates by beating her, too. But this terrible experience brings them together. As they begin to develop an emotional connection, however, things are about to come to head at home... “My 11th Mother” is a 2007 South Korean movie that was directed by Kim Jin Sung.