The Classified File

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The year is 1978. The city of Busan, South Korea, has been sent into shock after a young girl went missing. Police believe she has been kidnapped. Two weeks have passed since she vanished, and the kidnapper has not contacted the police. In the absence of any further evidence, the police force presumes she has been killed. But the girl’s mother refuses to give up hope that her child is still alive. In her desperation, she reaches out to a famous fortune teller named Kim Joong San (Yoo Hae Jin). The seer tells her that the young girl is alive and well – and makes a number of other predictions. And he says that if the veteran investigator Gong Gil Yong (Kim Yun Seok) can be persuaded to help, the girl’s life could well be saved. Gong Gil Yong is skeptical about all this. But when Kim Joong San’s prophecies begin to come true, this skepticism begins to melt away. Could these two men team up to save the girl from a dreadful fate? This movie was based on real-life events that took place in 1978. “The Classified File” is a 2015 South Korean movie that was directed by Kwak Kyung Taek.