Underground Rendezvous

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Having grown up in a poor, rural area, Kong Young Tan (Im Chang Jung) has never had much. As a child, his situation never really bothered him but as a grown man, his perspective has changed quite a bit. As the eldest son of the family, Young Tan is convinced he can do better for himself and his family. Setting off for Seoul, with the sole purpose of becoming a teacher, Young Tan is certain his fortune is about to change. Little does he know how right he is. With his simple country ways, Young Tan’s arrival in the city marks him as an easy target for unscrupulous souls only too willing to prey on one such as himself. With his bags and money were stolen mere minutes after his arrival, Young Tan has no choice but to report the incident to the police. However, a misunderstanding at the police station soon lands Young Tan in even more trouble. Plagued by mishaps, Young Tan eventually finds himself in a remote northern village where he’s immediately mistaken for the new teacher.  Accepting his fate and the job, Young Tan settles into his new life in the village and soon falls in love with the village chief’s sister-in-law, Sun Mi (Park Jin Hee). As Young Tan attempts to woo Sun Mi, he stumbles upon the village’s greatest secret. Will Young Tan be able to keep this vital secret or will his unfortunate luck bring disaster to them all? Set in the 1980s, “Underground Rendezvous” is a 2007 South Korean comedy film directed by Kim Jong Jin.