Don't Click



Jeong Mi (Kang Byul) is a high school student who lives with her older sister Se Hee (Park Bo Young) after the two girls’ parents relocated abroad. She has become something of an internet addict, and enjoys the fame she gets from uploading videos to file-sharing platforms. But when she hears about a “cursed” video that is circulating on underground web forums, she is keen to gain access to it – to perhaps help her to boost her growing fame. Jeong Mi decides to enlist the help of her sister’s tech whizz ex-boyfriend Joon Hyeok (Joo Won), who works for a special cybercrime unit of the police force. She promises that if he does her this favor, she will help him regain Se Hee’s heart. But the video turns out to be more terrible than she can believe: Instead of one video, it is an omnibus of short clips that seem to change every time the video is viewed. Terrible things begin to happen to the people who have seen the video. Now the video threatens to destroy the lives of the two sisters: Can they help break its terrible curse? Or will it drag them into its dreadful abyss? “Don’t Click” is a 2012 South Korean horror movie that was directed by Kim Tae Kyung.