Man on the Edge

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In 1997, as the British Hong Kong government was preparing for the impending handover, crime within the city itself hit an all-time high. With officials from the British Hong Kong government joining forces with the triads, factions from all sides fought to gain a foothold amidst the chaos. With violence running rampant in the city, San Luen Sing’s gang leader, Lam Yiu Cheong (Simon Yam), was doing his best to wind down his business before the new government took over. Having just been released from prison, Lam’s right-hand man, Lok Chi Ming (Richie Ren) is immediately given an important task, but not everyone is happy about the way Lam is handling San Luen Sing’s current affairs. Stepping out from under Lam’s wing, Tin (Patrick Tam) secretly makes a deal with the city’s corrupt Chief Superintendent; a deal that will eventually place him as the new head of the San Luen Sing gang. Little does Tin know that Lok is a long-time mole for the Hong Kong police and he’s been keeping an eye on the ambitious hot-head.  Teaming up with hard-nosed inspector Ching Kwok Bun (Alex Fong), Lok is determined to stop Tin and expose the Chief Superintendent as the traitorous villain that he is; but it doesn’t take Lok long to realize there’s a much more sinister power at work. Will this deep-cover cop have what it takes to bring down some of the world’s most powerful villains? “Man on the Edge” is a 2022 Hong Kong crime action thriller film directed by Sam Wong.