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My Chilling Roommate (Movie)

My Chilling Roommate (Movie)
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My Chilling Roommate (Movie)


When Jung Se Ri (Kim So Jeong) was just a little girl, she had a spine-chilling experience when she saw a ghost. Ever since then, she has been able to see the spirits of the dead, and has learned many secrets about the deceased. She knows how and why ghosts appear. She now works part-time in a coffee shop. But one day, she meets a very unusual ghost indeed… Song Ji Chan (Jung Chan Woo) is the self-centered heir to a huge business group. One day, he is involved in a traffic accident and loses his memory. He cannot understand what has happened to him, and by chance he meets Jung Se Ri, who explains that he is actually a ghost – which explains why nobody appears to be able to see him. She wants to leave it at that, but he follows her home, not knowing what else he should do. Nobody, he explains, can see him but Jung Se Ri. He eventually ends up living at her house while he tries to discover what happened to him. And as he spends more time around Jung Se Ri, he also starts to develop feelings for her! “My Chilling Roommate” (2022) is a South Korean movie that was directed by Hwang Kyu Seong.