Bo Knows Love



Liang Shan Bo (Kingone Wang) is the country’s top “love doctor.” He is an accomplished writer and TV personality who makes his riches advising other people on how to find love, fix their relationship problems, and ensure their married lives run smoothly. But he has a secret: He is single and has never even had a girlfriend. Instead, he spends his days secretly watching his neighbor, the single mom Chen Yue Ling (Aiko Fang), going about her day and looking after her nine-year-old son – and dreaming about what it’d be like to date her. But one day, an uninvited roommate named Fang Xuan Xuan (Moon Lee) turns up and announces she will be living with him. While she is there, she discovers how much Liang Shan Bo likes Chen Yue Ling – and decides to help him try to win his neighbor’s heart! She enlists the help of Liang Shan Bo’s long-term agent in a bid to play Cupid – but is this love-shy “love expert” really ready to do what it takes to woo the woman of his dreams? And does Fang Xuan Xuan really want to deliver her roommate into another woman’s arms? “Bo Knows Love” is a 2021 Taiwanese movie that was directed by William Chu.