Love Scams

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Zhang Yun (Chloe Wang) is a popular young actress and TV personality. She is also hot-tempered and can be something of a diva at times. The media seem to have it in for her, though, and hound her at every step, asking her to comment on malicious rumors that seem to always feature her at the center. Exasperated one day after another round of questioning at reporters’ hands, she rolls down her car window and flips the bird at them. Her talent agency responds by suggesting that she take a break in the countryside – far from Taipei. She agrees and the company books a stay for her at a small pension in a remote location. That pension is operated by the parents of Huang Hao (Penber), a warm-hearted tour guide who keeps falling into “love scam” traps women set for him. The family agrees to host Zhang Yun, promising to keep the fact that she is staying with them a secret. But they are all unaware that entertainment reporters have found out where she is staying – and that one unscrupulous individual is trying to lure her into a trap that could scupper her career forever. But the longer she stays in the countryside, the more Zhang Yun learns to love life away from her complicated big-city life. And as she spends more time with Huang Hao, the seeds of an unlikely romance slow begin to sprout… “Love Scams” is a 2018 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Jian Xue Bin.