The App from Heaven



Huang Xing Che (Edison Song) is a very troubled 18-year-old high school student. He lives with his alcoholic father after his mother left them. His fondest memories of his mother remain going to pray at a Buddhist temple with her – fondly recalling the admiration in her eyes when she saw him praying diligently. Since then, he has become something of a delinquent. His phone has also broken. He wants to steal money from his father to buy a new one, but the older man wakes up in a rage. Following a drunken outburst from his father, Huang Xing Che pays a late-night visit to a temple. But when Huang Xing Che is there, he makes a remarkable discovery: He finds an amazing, glittering gold-colored smartphone on an altar. He quickly steals it and heads out into the night. But he soon discovers that the phone has an incredible app on it that effectively lets him see certain accidents from the future – before they happen. All of a sudden, he is gifted with the ability to save people from danger – becoming a local hero in the process. But can this powerful app help him win the heart of Lu Yi Lin (Ouyang Nini), his pure-hearted female classmate? “The App from Heaven” is a 2017 Taiwanese movie that was directed by You Han Ting.