The Hustle



Nian Nian (Suan Wang) and Hsiao Fan (Lin Yu Pin) are two young women who try to raise money by scamming rich men – posing as escorts and luring men into a false sense of security...before fleecing them for as much money as they can. But one day, they attempt to scam an aging man who turns out to be an underground mafia boss. They make off with a bag of what turns out to be IOUs and promissory notes from gangland figures, as well as a stack of cash! The haul is worth a fortune, but the duo is immediately wary. The mafia boss dispatches the ingenious Jie Wei (Sean Lee) to track down the women and “steal” back the funds. A pair of bumbling male thieves are also in pursuit of the bounty, and all sorts of chaos threaten to break loose as all of the parties’ paths cross. To make matters even more complicated, Jie Wei starts to wonder if he should perhaps steal all the money and notes for himself – before starting to realize that he is actually falling for Nian Nian! “The Hustle” is a 2020 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Chu Feng.