Undercover Carp

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As an aspiring actor, Yu Cai (David Chiu) has found the film industry to be far more difficult than he ever imagined. Struggling to make a name for himself, Yu Cai is thus far, completely unknown. Living his life in complete obscurity, Yu Cai can’t understand how he, of all people, is suddenly and inexplicably caught up in the affairs of a local gang. Thrust into the life of a gangster, Yu Cai has no choice but to take on the role of an undercover gang member. On a mission to track down the “Dragon Vessel”, Yu Cai finds himself forced to dive deeper into the city’s seedy underbelly. Desperate to win the trust of the leader Black Dragon Gang, Yu Cai will do whatever it takes, but winning that trust won’t be easy. With rival gangs threatening to hurt those around him, Yu Cai must do whatever he can to survive. Taking on multiple roles in a deadly undercover operation, will this unknown actor prove he has what it takes to survive? Full of non-stop action, “Undercover Carp” is a 2019 Taiwanese crime thriller film directed by Hong Zi Peng.