The Psychic Duo

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True otakus, Ah Bang (Huang Teng-hui) and Chen Yan Di (An Jun Peng) would much rather indulge in their hobbies than do anything else. Absolutely uninterested in doing anything as ambitious as trying to make a name for themselves, the two friends are the least likely people one would expect to play the part of a hero. But when an earthquake unexpectedly shakes things up, that’s exactly what happens. At the right place at the right time, Yan Di unexpectedly saves the goddess Momo (Zhou Li Wei) from certain doom brought on by the earthquake. Unfortunately, in his attempt to save Momo, Yan Di ends up sacrificing his own life but one brief, accidental touch from Momo brings him back to life.  Though this time in the supernatural world only lasted a few seconds, his brief brush with death has granted Yan Di an unusual gift: he can now see ghosts. What will he do with this unexpected gift? “The Psychic Duo” is a 2017 Taiwanese comedy film directed by Hu Hao Xiang.