Meant to Be

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In many ways, Ji Jia Shu (Bruce He) is just like any other college student. He goes to class, he studies, and he tries his best, but unlike any of his other classmates, Jia Shu has a secret gift. He possesses the ability to see ghosts. Unfortunately, despite being able to see ghosts, Jia Shu can’t communicate with them; a fact that has frustrated him his entire life. Having spent years trying to communicate with the ghosts he encounters, Jia Shu has all but given up. But the day he encounters Zhang Qian Qian (Huang Pei Jia), everything changes. Suddenly able to communicate with the pretty spirit, Jia Shu asks Qian Qian for help “translating” for the others. Agreeing to help, Qian Qian introduces Jai Shu to Pete (Igor Kovic), a ghost who has been haunting Jai Shu for ages. One of Jia Shu’s ancestors, Pete hopes his great-great-great-grandson will finally be able to unravel the mysteries surrounding his death. With Qian Qian by his side, Jia Shu agrees to do just that. Will this investigation into the past bring his ancestor the peace he desires or will Jia Shu be haunted by his great grandfather forever? “Meant to Be” is a 2017 Taiwanese comedy film directed by Xu Li Da.