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In the not-too-distant future, the world will find itself rocked by a war so monumentally life-changing, it will become known simply as “The Great War.” A decade after this war changes life for the entire population of the planet, humanity will finally find itself starting to rebuild. But as humanity pulls itself back together, a new belief will start to take hold among the survivors.  Believing that the ability to lie was the fundamental cause of The Great War, humanity hopes to find a way to, if not eradicate lies completely, then at least be able to tell when someone is lying. Rising to the challenge is tech entrepreneur, Su Jie (Francesco Chen). Using nanotechnology, Su Jie has developed an app known as “Guidance” which, when swallowed, will “install” in a person’s nervous system and provide them the ability to detect deception in those around them.  Trusting Guidance to help improve their already rocky relationship, Han Miao (Sun Jia) and Mai Zi Xuan (Song Qi) plan to enjoy a weekend getaway in the countryside. But after swallowing the bright orange pill, the couple realizes that the absolute truth can have devastating effects on a relationship. Trying to subvert Guidance before it takes complete control, will this couple succeed in saving their relationship before it’s too late? A clever and thought-provoking bit of storytelling, “Guidance” is a 2022 Chinese sci-fi mystery romance thriller film directed by Neysan Sobhani.