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Special Delivery


Some deliveries are too hot for the post office to deal with. And that, thinks Mr. Baek (Kim Eui Sung), is where his unofficial “company” comes in. Although to the rest of the world, it seems that he runs a junkyard, this is actually an elaborate front: His engineers soup up ordinary-looking cars to make them run at breakneck speeds and disguise their real identity so nobody can trace the vehicles. Mr. Baek’s star driver is Jung Eun Ha (Park So Dam), who has a 100% record of delivering even the most difficult packages. But Jung Eun Ha is in for a shock when her latest delivery turns out to be a young boy (Jung Hyun Joon). And this is not just any boy: He is the son of a client who has become involved in a gambling ring. And he has a key to a bank account – and millions of dollars worth of funds. All of a sudden, Jung Eun Ha finds herself at the heart of a high-octane chase – with a corrupt cop named Cho Kyung Pil (Song Sae Byuk) on her tail. Can she maintain her perfect delivery record – or will Cho Kyung Pil get his hands on the key? “Special Delivery” is a 2022 South Korean thriller movie that was directed by Park Dae Min.