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A master of the Dasiraegi, Deok Bae (Lee Yang Hee) has dedicated his life to the traditional ritual which serves to usher the dead into the next life. Having committed his life to bring comfort to the bereaved, Deok Bae has been incredibly successful in the endeavor. Unfortunately, the dedication he has put into his craft has not carried over into any aspect of his personal life. Neglecting his wife and daughter, Soo Nam (Joo Bo Bi), Deok Bae’s dedication to his craft only serves to widen the gap between himself and Soo Nam after his wife commits suicide. With no reason to stay, Soo Nam leaves her father as soon as she’s able, never once looking back. Twenty years later, Soo Nam finds herself returning to her father’s home after she learns of the death of her grandmother. With her daughter Ggot Hana (Seo Yeon Woo) in tow, Soo Nam returns to Jindo but settling into this new life isn’t easy for anyone. Despite their rocky start, Deok Bae eventually manages to win over the heart of his granddaughter. But winning the affection of his estranged daughter is an entirely different matter. Will he find a way to heal the breach between them while there’s still time? A heart-rending story of family and forgiveness, “CICADA” is a 2022 South Korean family drama film written and directed by Lee Chung Ryoul.