Sophie’s World

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Sophie (Ana Ruggiero) is a young woman who is traveling to the Philippines to visit her sister. On her way, she decides to stop in Seoul, South Korea, for a few days – to look for a male friend. She has no contact information of him, but knows that he used to work in a store that sells second-hand books in the Bukchon area of the capital. Her adventures in Seoul lead her to meet a young South Korean couple named Soo Young (Kim Sae Byuk) and Jong Gu (Kwak Min Kyu). Soo Young and Jong Gu are besotted with one another. And despite their financial troubles, they are happy, living in a small house that overlooks the magnificent Mt. Inwang. The couple strikes up a close bond with Sophie, who comes to stay with them for four days as she searches for her friend. Two years later, Sophie is long gone, but Soo Young stumbles across Sophie’s travel blog. She finds herself reminiscing and looking back to the past – and those happy days she and Jong Gu spent with their overseas visitor. “Sophie’s World” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Jea Han.