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The Roundup


Detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) is the no-nonsense deputy head of Geumcheon Police’s Major Crimes Unit. He and the unit’s team leader, Captain Jeon Il Man (Choi Gwi Hwa ) think they have landed a plush assignment that involves traveling to Vietnam to repatriate a South Korean criminal who has been apprehended by the Vietnamese police force. Although this assignment at first looks like child’s play – almost a vacation in disguise – it turns out to be anything but after an expat South Korean named Kang Hae Sang (Son Seok Gu) starts brutally killing holidaymakers. All of a sudden, South Korean tourists visiting Vietnam are thrown into panic as this seemingly merciless killer begins to strike terror into their hearts. Ma Seok Do and Jeon Il Man decide to track Kang Hae Sang down. But this turns out to be a much harder task than it first seems. Their often-unconventional policing methods are not always welcome in Vietnam, and Kang Hae Sang turns out to be a cunning and formidable opponent. Can they stop the murders – and put the killer behind bars? “The Roundup” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Sang Yong.