Their Distance

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Leon (Ren) is a young shoe repair worker whose life is wracked with guilt. Two years ago, his actions led to a man being hit by a car – and ending up paralyzed from the waist down. Leon blames himself entirely for what happened, and has wallowed in misery ever since. He follows the same routine every day, working at the shop along with Kokaze (Fumiko Aoyagi) – and seemingly utterly unaware that she has a crush on him. He spends his lunchtimes eating alone in a public park – on the same bench. But one day, his lunchtime routine is shaken when he finds a young woman named Suna (Hanae Kan) on the bench, asleep and recovering from a heavy drinking session. As she wakes and stumbles away, she breaks the heel off her shoe. But fate reunites them when she comes to Leon’s shop to fix the shoe. This seemingly innocuous encounter sparks a chain of consequences, however – but could it lead the sadness-filled Leon to happiness...or love? “Their Distance” is a 2016 Japanese movie that was directed by Imaizumi Rikiya.