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G Storm


William Luk (Louis Koo) is the lead investigator of Hong Kong’s elite corruption-busting unit, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). While attending an international event, he finds himself dragged into action as a terrorist incident sparks widespread panic. As a result, he begins to investigate a customs corruption case along with another ICAC investigator named Kenny Ching (Kevin Cheng). But soon, William Luk begins to understand that a deeper plot is afoot, and his unit is aided by his friend, Lau Po Keung (Julian Cheung), the chief inspector of the VIP Protection Unit (VIPPU), who believes that the Chief Justice of Southeast Asia Emma Pong (Jessica Hsuan) is under threat from a group of sex slave traffickers. Emma Pong has discovered evidence that links the group to human traffic networks in Thailand. But the group appears to have some powerful friends in high places. Can William Luk and his associates thwart a conspiracy that appears to have protectors at every corner? This movie is the fifth and final installment of a pentalogy that began in 2014 with “Z Storm.” “G Storm” is a 2021 Hong Kong movie that was directed by David Lam.