Kongfu Master Su

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In the last years of the Qing Dynasty, the people of China were devastated by a multitude of troubles, both internally and externally. With the internal political structure of the country in turmoil, it was easy for outside powers to press their advantage, especially those who controlled the sea.  With pirates running rampant on the high seas, the people of China were constantly at the mercy of the ruthless cutthroats. Pillaging and plundering the unprotected coastal villages, the pirates ran unchecked along the coastline. Desperate, the people looked to their leaders for help but none was to be found. Unable to sit by while his people suffered, Su Qi Er (Tan Xin Zer) the leader of a local gang of beggars took it upon himself to help the oppressed. Joined by Chen Xin Yi (Zhao Yi Han), a progressive young woman who couldn’t bear to watch her people suffer, the two formed a mighty militia to stand against the pirates. Little did they know the pirates had secretly joined forces with the fearsome Japanese warrior, Noshaku Yamamoto (Norman Chui). Crushed by the combined might of the pirates and their Japanese allies, Qi Er and Xin Yi had no choice but to fall back and regroup. With their militia gone, will they find a way to rally the people to their cause, or will their terror of the pirates prove too great to overcome? Adapted from the novel by Su Can, “Kongfu Master Su” is a 2020 Chinese historical action martial arts film directed by Yang Jian Wu.