Journey to the West - A Duel on the Faith



An evil force has trapped the villagers of Qing Ya and spirited them away to a realm in the clouds. There, guarded by fierce dragon-like creatures, they must toil endlessly to satisfy the whims of the cloud-dwelling gods. These evil forces are commanded by Liu Li (Zhang Chu Xuan), a powerful sorceress who has the ability to summon monstrous stone demons that can lay waste to entire cities. The Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong (Leo Ding), has decided to right this terrible wrong, and comes to the cloud-based realm, pretending that he has come to perform a menial duty. Instead, he immediately sneaks into the vast subterranean chamber where the villagers are toiling and uses his formidable powers to open up a portal to the mortal realm. Many of the villagers escape through this portal – but soon the guards realize what is going on and stop the escape. The evil forces summon the warrior Yang Jian (Benny Chan) and dispatch him to hunt down the Monkey King. But will this fierce fighter decide to side with Liu Li – or could he decide to help the Monkey King thwart the powers of evil? This film was based on characters introduced in the classic 16th Century Chinese novel “Journey to the West,” which is attributed to Wu Cheng En. “Journey to the West - A Duel on the Faith” is a 2021 Chinese movie that was directed by Le Luo.