Almost Love

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Returning to the city where she grew up, Yu Jiao Yang (Xu Ruo Han) is instantly bombarded by memories of the past. Raised by her grandmother, Jiao Yang recalls the days she spent as a poor student struggling to make her way through school. As painful as some of her childhood memories are, Jiao Yan has to admit, not all of them were painful and running into her old flame, Zhou Can (Li Wen Han) reminds her just how happy some of those days were. Meeting in school, Jiao Yang and Zhou Can couldn’t have been more different. With parents who were well enough off and grades so high, he never had to worry about failing a test, Zhou Can was everything Jiao Yang wasn’t. However, despite their differences, the two managed to form an incredibly close friendship, a friendship that eventually morphed into something much more. Sadly, not everyone in their different worlds was happy about their relationship and some even went so far as to try to drive them apart. Reunited eight years later, Jiao Yang and Zhou Can fondly remember the time they spent together. Could this unexpected meeting be fate’s way of giving them a second chance or will they both come to accept the fact that some things are better left in the past? An emotionally poignant story of love and life, “Almost Love” is a 2022 Chinese romance film directed by Luo Luo.