Hopeless Situation



In the first part of the 20th Century, China is in a period of internal turmoil – with war raging and the nation divided. Invading Japanese armies threaten to rob the country of priceless cultural relics, while savage monsters also enter the fray, intent on wreaking havoc wherever they can. A young revolutionary named Liu Yun Fei (Liu Yue Tao) is intent on stopping the relics from falling into the wrong hands. Fortunately, he is not alone. A small gang of disparate but elite martial artists has gathered – all intent on protecting the relics from harm. Their number includes the veteran expert dragon hunter Feng Nan Tian (Norman Chui). Also fighting with the forces of good is Shui Ling Long (Zhao Xue), a skilled, female crossbow-wielding fighter whose aim is unfailingly true. Together, they must do what they can to save the relics. But will they have what it takes to fight not only fierce monsters, but also ruthless soldiers intent on capturing the treasure? “Hopeless Situation” is a 2022 Chinese movie that was directed by George Chi.