Dragon Master: Dragon Hunting Squad

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The White Dragon Queen Sheng Xue (Jin Sha) must find a boy she once met when she was a young girl. Her destiny is to marry him and secure her future. So she heads to the mortal realm in search of this boy – who has since become a man. She travels with her mischief-loving sister, the Black Dragon San Sheng (Michelle Jiang). And it is not long before they meet this man: Li Xiu Yuan (Han Dong). Li Xiu Yuan has become a peerless demon hunter whose martial arts powers are arguably second to none. He battles the monsters who prey on unsuspecting mortals and helps safeguard the realm from evil. But, due to a strange experience he had as a child, he has an irrational-seeming phobia of dragons. Even looking at a drawing or model of a dragon can cause him to pass out. When Sheng Xue and her sister find Li Xiu Yuan, they hope to complete their mission. But greater evils wait in store – could they eventually join forces to save the mortal world from unspeakable terror? “Dragon Master: Dragon Hunting Squad” is a 2020 Chinese movie that was directed by Dai Xi Fan.