Legend of The Book

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A devout student of Master Yuan Gong (Yue Dong Feng), Dan Sheng (Tan Xin Er) has dedicated his life to his master’s teaching. Spending his days in endless training, Sheng’s mind is honed as sharply as his body, but at night, when his mind is at rest, Sheng often finds himself plagued by strange and troubling dreams. Frequently visited in his dreams by Mei Er (Jiang Meng Xuan), a cunning fox demon, Sheng can never seem to get the beautiful demon out of his head. Over time, Sheng develops strong feelings for Mei Er, even though she only ever appears to him in his dreams. But his dreams of the fox demon aren’t the only dreams Sheng has. Frequently encountering his sworn enemy, the Devil Emperor, in his dreams, Sheng begins to feel more and more uneasy during his waking hours. Determined to uncover the meaning behind his dreams, Sheng travels far and wide, searching for clues that might help settle his growing unease. During his travels, Sheng comes to realize that Mei Er and the Devil Emperor have a strong connection. With the woman he loves fighting alongside his greatest enemies, will Sheng have what it takes to save the world without sacrificing his love? A story of great love and twisted fates, “Legend of The Book” is a 2020 Chinese fantasy romance film directed by Lu Lei.