The Macaque Monkey

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Sun Wu Kong (Pakho Chau), also known as the Monkey King, is a powerful being. A fierce fighter, he is noble, but also has a reputation for brutality. Much of his power lies in his golden cudgel staff, which is the key to his strength. Without it, he is weak and unstable. But when a mysterious superhuman female demon (He Hua) goes in search of strength-bestowing objects and the Little Stone Monkey, she threatens to break loose all sorts of chaos into the moral realm. This brings the Monkey King out of hiding and on the path to justice. And it puts him on a collision course with his antagonist, the Six-eared Macaque Monkey (Alex Fong). This villainous being is the Monkey King’s match in every way. He looks every inch like the Monkey King, and shares the hero’s fighting prowess. As the duo prepares for a deadly battle, the female demon has plans to wipe out the Monkey King and his allies once and for all. Will evil prevail – or can the Monkey King save the day once more? This movie was based on characters introduced in the classic 1592 novel “Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng En. “The Macaque Monkey” is a 2021 Chinese movie that was produced by Chao Ren Sha.