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Yoo Min Ho (Seo Ji Sub) is an IT firm CEO. But the police are convinced that he is a murderer. He was found in a locked room in a mountain holiday lodge with his lover Kim Se Hee (Nana) shortly after her death. Detectives think that this is an open-and-shut case, and that Yoo Min Ho is the only suspect. After all, no other residents except this couple were staying at the snow-covered cabin at the time. But Yoo Min Ho claims that he is innocent. And to help him prove this, he decides to hire Yang Shin Ae (Kim Yoon Jin), an ace lawyer who has never lost a case. Yang Shin Ae travels to the lodge to speak to Yoo Min Ho – and try to assess the veracity or otherwise of his claims. But when she does so, he begins to tell her about a road accident and a blackmailer – stating that these incidents are linked to the killing. Does the star lawyer have what it takes to find the truth about this tragic death? This movie was based on the 2016 Spanish movie “The Invisible Guest.” “Confession” is a 2022 South Korean movie that was directed by Yoon Jong Seok.