As the art director of a big commercial production, Dae (Theeradej Wongpuapan) has spent his entire day hard at work. With their on-location filming finally wrapped, Dae decides he’s earned a moment of well-deserved rest. Climbing onto an inflatable raft, Dae drifts off to sleep as his raft drifts across the calm waters of the pool.  Left behind by the production crew, Dae wakes to find himself utterly alone. While being alone, adrift in a pool wouldn’t normally be a problem, waking to find that the twenty-foot deep pool has been steadily draining while he napped, puts Dae in a bit of a jam. With the water level too low for him to pull himself out, Dae might have been rescued by his girlfriend, Koi (Ratnamon Ratchiratham) had she not decided to impulsively join him for a swim. Stranded, Dae and Koi try to get creative with their escape attempts but their attention is quickly diverted when they realize they’re not the only ones trapped in this draining pool.  Located next to a crocodile farm, Dae and Koi are mortified when they realize one of their cold-blooded neighbors has decided to join. With a ravenous crocodile now relentlessly hunting them, will Dae and Koi find a way to escape before it’s too late? An unexpectedly wild ride, “The Pool” is a 2018 Thai survival thriller film directed by Ping Lumpraploeng.