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Partially blind, Kyung Soo (Ryu Jun Yeol) struggles to see during the day, but his skill as an acupuncturist has earned him the attention of the palace. Recognized for his talent by Lee Hyung Ik (Choi Moo Sung), Kyung Soo is extended an invitation to work in the palace alongside the royal physician of King Injo (Yoo Hae Jin). Unable to refuse such an offer, Kyung Soo happily accepts, unwittingly setting himself on a dark and dangerous path. Not long after accepting his position at the palace, Crown Prince Sohyeon (Kim Sung Cheol), who was taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty eight years ago, returns home. While the king is happy for his son’s safe return, their differences in opinion regarding the future direction of the dynasty upsets King Injo so much, that he soon begins to suffer from severe anxiety and paranoia. Unfortunately, Injo’s suffering is only further heightened when it is discovered that his son has been murdered. With eyes that can only see in the dark, Kyung Soo witnesses Sonhyeon’s murder but all of his attempts to reveal the culprit are discounted due to his blindness. As the king begins to sink into madness, Kyung Soo attempts to reveal the truth surrounding the crown prince’s murder but his quest for justice soon marks him as a target for the palace’s power-hungry conspirators. Will Kyung Soo be able to mete out justice and restore peace to the palace or will his quest for the truth ultimately destroy him? Inspired by historical events, “The Night Owl” is a 2022 South Korean period thriller drama film directed by Ahn Tae Jin.